NEW Honeywell D6 Pro Wi-Fi Ductless Controller Black / DC6000WF1001


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Intuitive design, easy
installation and operation, and a great way to reduce post-install
callbacks, Honeywell’s Ductless Controls offer a simple way to grow your
business and delight your customers.


  • Replaces ductless mini-split handheld controls.
    • Simple, wireless installation: No wiring to the unit. Uses IR signal to communicate with mini-split.
    • 24V required.
  • Lyric Platform: As part of the Honeywell Lyric Platform of
    products, the D6 can be controlled by the Lyric App as well. Please note
    that there is no app needed for device set-up. In addition, the Lyric
    App will be transitioning to the Honeywell Home App in April. This is a
    name change only.

    • Temperature, Mode and Fan Control.
    • Scheduling: GeoFencing or time settings.
    • Auto Changeover
    • Temperature, Humidity and Filter alerts, notifications and reminders.
    • Multi-Split Display: Grouped D6s by outdoor system.
    • Third Party Integrations: Amazon Alexa, Google Home and others.
  • Flexible Installation: Tabletop or wall mounted.
  • On-device Configuration: 6 settings to operate ductless unit.
  • Universal Brand Control: Controls most major manufacturers.
    • 20 brands
    • 100+ models
  • Basic Control: Temperature adjustment and mode change (Heat/Cool/Off)
  • Local temperature detection and control.
  • High Contrast Display: Adjustable backlight.
  • Capacitive Touch Buttons.
  • For Contractors:
    • Decreased turnover time for contractors on the job as the D6 offers simplified set-up.
    • Decrease in call-backs to refresh users on how to use their mini-split remote.
    • Decrease in truck rolls to help users with seasonal changeover.
    • Fast installation for service upsells.
  • For Homeowners:
    • Standardized system control makes interaction easy and familiar.
    • Temperature control becomes more reliable and accurate.
    • Connective to Smart Devices brings ductless units into smart systems.

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