VTech VM5463 Video Baby Monitor 720p 5″ LCD


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  • 5″ HIGH-RESOLUTION LCD SCREEN WITH UP TO 12 HRS BATTERY LIFE] Clearly see every little detail of your baby right from the high resolution 5-inch parent unit. Continuously monitor up to 12 Hrs. on video mode and 21 Hrs. on audio mode with single battery charging. The screen can be switched off and monitor on audio only mode. SOUND ACTIVATED FEATURE: Screen is automatically switched on when noise is detected.
  • [REMOTE PAN, TILT AND ZOOM] The cameras can be remotely operated to pan & tilt from the parent unit. The cameras pan up to 270 degrees side-to-side, tilt up to 25 degrees up and down, and zooms up to 1.3 times.
  • [7 COLOR NIGHT LIGHT ON EACH BABY UNIT] This adaptive night light automatically adjusts to the brightness of your nursery to ensure for optimum light in day or night setting that creates the best sleeping environment. SOUND ACTIVATED FEATURE: Enable the Auto-on feature to turn the night light on when noise is detected to help soothe your baby back to sleep.
  • [GLOW-ON-THE-CEILING PROJECTION LIGHT] Soft light shines through the top of the baby unit, projecting a starry night scene onto the ceiling. SOUND ACTIVATED FEATURE: Enable the auto-on feature to automatically turn on the projection when noise is detected to help soothe your baby back to sleep.
  • [TWO-WAY TALK & SOOTHING SOUNDS] Choose from five calming melodies and four soft ambient sounds to help your baby slip into a sweet slumber. Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice. Comfort your infant from any room with the built-in intercom on the portable parent unit.
  • [SECURE TRANSMISSION WITH LONG RANGE] The parent unit & the camera are configured for monitoring right out of the box; The system’s video & audio transmit in a secure, encrypted signal so you can rest assured you’re the only one who can see & hear your baby
  • [MULIPLE VIEWING OPTIONS] Choose how you want to keep an eye on your familysingle view (one camera only), split view (simultaneously watch both camera view side by side) or patrol mode (single view that transitions to a different camera every 10 seconds).

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