Panasonic RB-M700B Deep Bass Wireless Bluetooth Immersive Headphones (Black)


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With the Panasonic RB-M700B Deep Bass Wireless Bluetooth Immersive Headphones you’ll revel in powerful bass playback with their exceptional deep bass response through Panasonic’s XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep) developed for total immersion with optimal tuning of the housing structure a driver equalizing function and an equalizing function And with a built-in Bass Reactor that amplifies total low frequencies present in each track’s original low frequencies you’ll experience the deep booming bass vibe you’d enjoy at a concert or nightclub The Panasonic RB-M700B headphones also include Harmonic Tuning EQ to clearly play back heavy bass sound by adjusting harmonic overtones magnifying bass sounds below 100Hz and conversely suppressing bass above 100Hz that can create muffled noisy sound The A Free-Edge Driver System is enables more air to move in the powerful 40 mm Neodymium driver units to pump out satisfying bass level more evenly through their distortion-resistant diaphragms while a Bass-Blow Port provides optimal positioning of the air outflow port in the cabinet the diaphragm’s precise piston movement crisply reproduces low-end frequency outlines For maximum immersion simply switch on active noise canceling while relaxing at home commuting travelling or anywhere for all the bass you want to hear and tune out all the ambient noise you don’t With a full charge the Panasonic RB-M700B high-capacity battery provides up to 24 hours of playback A handy Quick Charge feature helps keep the bass flowing for up to 5 hours Soft cushioned headband and earpads fit gently over the ears and for hours and hours of anytime anywhere bass-loving comfort Adjusters apply even pressure on the head and around the ears for a firm personalized fit To help save power when power is low or when fully depleted an included detachable 6 6 ft cable lets you connect your headphones to devices and home audio systems A 1 6 ft microUSB charging cord is also included Available in Black and Sand Beige


  • ULTRA-LOW BASS RESPONSE Immerse yourself in powerful deep bass, without compromising the depth and balance of the track, reliable Bluetooth wireless connection and built-in microphone
  • DEEP BOOMING BASS Experience the same vibe you would get at a concert or club with a built-in, 3-level Bass Reactor that amplifies low frequencies for a fully immersive sensation
  • NOISE CANCELLING Easy switch access to active noise canceling while working from home, commuting or traveling
  • 20 HOURS PLAYBACK On a full four-hour charge, plus quick 15min charge for 90min of playback
  • ALL DAY-COMFORT Soft cushioned headband and earpads fit gently over the ears for hours of comfort.

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