Miller E7EM-010H1 Electric Furnace 10KW 1022870 FER Compliant


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The E7 Series furnace is designed for all sizes of manufactured and modular homes. These units incorporate reliability and low maintenance. Units may be installed free standing in a utility room or enclosed in an alcove or closet. E7 Series furnaces are A/C ready, with 16 blower speeds to meet any cooling requirement.


Easy Open Door: Secures the door firmly for transit, yet allows easy removal for access.

• Effective Air Filter: Universal disposable filter is readily available and simple to replace.

• Nichrome Heating Elements: Provide long lasting, efficient heating.

• Appliance Quality Door: Protects against rust and other corrosion. Baked enamel finish allows for easy cleaning.

• Fully Insulated Furnace Cabinet: Insures minimized heat loss and quiet operation.

• Safety and Dependability: Auto reset controls protect unit’s electrical circuitry and helps ensure trouble free performance. Built in circuit breakers for extra safety.

• Adaptable: Unit can be adapted to provide dependable heating in either downflow or upflow mode.

• Versatile: Works with self-contained or split system air conditioners or heat pumps.

• Heating Relays: Provide quiet operation.

• Control Board: Allows for 16 blower speeds to create ideal comfort in the home.

• 7 Segment LED Display: Shows furnace mode and simplifies service.

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