FRISKA Nightly Reboot Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics Supplement, 30 Capsules


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THE MOST INTELLIGENT ANSWER TO GUT HEALTH Tired of tossing and turning? Powered by our proprietary enzyme blend combined with potent probiotics, each dose is specially formulated to facilitate food breakdown and promote healthy digestion. Melatonin and chamomile—both known for their ability to improve sleep—are also included to encourage nighttime rest and relaxation. So sneak a snack before you turn out the lights. We won’t tell. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES ARE A SUPER POWER Digestive enzymes help the body perform vital functions, like breaking down food, eliminating toxins, and even converting carbs to energy. But sometimes our body becomes deficient in these enzymes, and we experience the side eects—think diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, and gas. FRISKA enzyme blends help ensure you’re maintaining healthy enzyme levels for optimum gut health. So meet your belly’s new BFF, and together, let’s create healthier habits.


  • THE PERFECT NIGHT TIME SUPPLEMENT: No sleeping pills needed. This ingenious combination of probiotics, digestive enzymes, Melatonin and Chamomile aids gut relief and helps support a peaceful rest. Super smart probiotic supplements for men and women.
  • FEEL REFRESHED: Groundbreaking probiotic supplement and digestive enzymes support healthy digestion and promote relaxation and sleep. Melatonin assists with getting a good nights sleep. Best natural sleep aids for adults. Wake up feeling great!
  • NATURAL BOTANICAL BLEND: Non habit forming Melatonin promotes restful sleep and Chamomile has nervine qualities, which can help the body cope with tension. Powerful dual action botanicals provide sleep aid naturally.
  • POWERFUL PROBIOTICS: Digestion gut health is linked to improvements in sleep and mood levels. Open the door to bloating relief and natural stomach health with these digestive enzyme supplements.
  • THE CLEAN ALTERNATIVE : Natural supplements for stress relief, sleep support and overall wellness. FRISKA’s blend is made from the highest quality ingredients. No additives, GMO, or hormones. Vegetarian and easy to swallow.

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