Fabtech FTS209 Add-A-Leaf Kit 1.5 in. Lift Rear Add-A-Leaf Kit


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Bring your vehicle back up to its original height with the help of the Add-A-Leaf kit. This kit has all the performance you need. Designed to be strong yet flexible. You get the smoothest ride possible. That means that your wheels hug the road better during bumps and dips so you will not be bounced around in the drivers seat. And because of the high-quality construction this kit has plenty of muscle to handle the weight of your beast of a machine. Crafted to work seamlessly with your stock leaf springs you will get the perfect addition to your current suspension system. For added benefit installation of the Fabtech Add-A-Leaf kit is quick and painless thanks to the pre-drilled holes. Get precision performance and incredible style with the help of this suspension upgrade.


  • Fabtech FTS209 Add-A-Leaf Kit; 1.5 in. Lift; Rear;

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