2-in-1 FDA Approved Detox Foot Patches, 20 Pads in 2 Scents- Green Tea, Lavender


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Easy to Use 2-in-1 + AROMATHERAPYNo assembly or installations are needed but simply peel and stick. Unlike other foot pads which give you an unpleasant odor, ours are infused with 2 signature aromas: green tea and lavender making you calmed, relaxed, and very restful in the next morning.Premium Quality with Effective Health Benefits-Combined the power of bamboo vinegar and the art of reflexology, our foot pads are formulated with powerful detox ingredients to cleanse your body by removing waste impurities out of body. They warm up your soles, promote the blood circulation, relieve foot fatigue and foot odor, soothe sore feet while you sleep. Its soothing feature also helps you improve the quality of sleep, relieve stress and increase your energy level.ApplicableUsers This foot patch is perfect for people who suffer from sore feet because of standing or walking for a long time during the day, e. g. teachers, runners, cashiers; people who have trouble falling asleep at night; people who have smelly feet; brain

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